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Healthy Lifestyle by Mind Map: Healthy Lifestyle

1. Home

1.1. Have you heard of the Freshman 15? College students might agree that it is easy to add some weight when the food laid in front of you is pizza, burgers, and chips. And when you try to eat good food your on quite some budget.

2. About

2.1. I value myself and my body and it is important to me to maintain my health and improve it, as well.

3. Contact

3.1. Email: [email protected]

3.2. Phone number: (602)-332-9735

4. Foods

4.1. Vegetables, Dairy, Protein, and WATER

5. Exercise

5.1. depending on the person, cardio, bulking would need lifting weights, activities like hiking and yoga

6. Sleep

6.1. not that many people know about the importance of sleep and how much it actually affects your body