03/08 - Reflective Teaching Practice

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03/08 - Reflective Teaching Practice by Mind Map: 03/08 - Reflective Teaching Practice

1. Resources

1.1. Holly - Keeping a Professional Journal

1.2. Churchill et al - Teaching - Making a Difference

1.3. Brookefield - Becoming a Critically Reflective Teacher

2. Becoming Critically Reflective

2.1. Used to monitor learning

2.2. Become critical of our learning

2.2.1. Identify strengths and gaps

2.2.2. Don't beat yourself up

2.3. Used to improve professional practice

2.4. Linking theory with practice

2.5. Critical Incidence

2.5.1. When something happens that changes your perspective on something

3. Reflective Journals

3.1. Media

3.1.1. Drawing

3.1.2. Audio

3.1.3. Video

3.1.4. Writing Handwriting Write on one side of the page Computer Insert relevant articles

3.2. Mediums

3.2.1. Log Statement of what happened

3.2.2. Diary Giving statements with opinions

3.2.3. Journal More detailed Gives reasons Looking at whys and hows Be professional

3.3. Lenses

3.3.1. Autobiography Your account of what happened

3.3.2. Students Not Learning Informal feedback Exams and assessments Feedback from students adds to your autobiography

3.3.3. Peers Can ask peers to provide feedback

3.3.4. Literature Informs teaching Can be used to make decisions on what feedback to take onboard

3.4. Questions

3.4.1. What do I do?

3.4.2. What does this mean?

3.4.3. How did I come to be like this?

3.4.4. How might I do things differently?

3.5. TT

3.5.1. A journal is YOUR reality

3.5.2. Never leave your journal lying around

4. JOURNAL - Reflective Teaching Practices