03/28 - Developing a Personal Education Philosophy

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03/28 - Developing a Personal Education Philosophy by Mind Map: 03/28 - Developing a Personal Education  Philosophy

1. Develop a Teaching/Educational/Learning Philosophy

1.1. Philosophy Model Analysis

2. Meanings

2.1. Life Perspectives

2.2. Meaning of Life

2.3. Theories

2.4. Wisdom

3. Definition

3.1. Putting the nature of the universe, including meaning, people, and relationships, into an understand-able or explainable perspective

3.2. Fundamental principle of education is to understand the truth for oneself

3.2.1. Truth comes from reality

3.2.2. An educational philosophy is founded of the truth of what exists

3.3. "The educational system of any society is a more or less elaborate social mechanism designed to bring about in the persons submitted to it certain skills and attitudes that are judged to be useful and desirable in the society” O'Connor 1971

3.4. Aim of Education

3.4.1. Plato 1. useful to the individual economically, 2. training of good citizenship, 3. "liberal” that is, planned with a view to preparation for “the higher learning"

3.4.2. Beare (2001) 1. acculturation of young people into society; 2. preparation for the world of work; 3. personal formation. (Beare 2001, p. 104)

4. Metaphors

4.1. Stage/Acting

4.1.1. Light Philosophy is all around

4.1.2. Backdrop Theories

4.1.3. Props Tools to use

4.1.4. Actors Teachers

4.1.5. Audience Students

5. Philosophical Models

5.1. Philosophies and Education (Jones and Shelton).docx

5.2. Philosophies and Education (Hiemstra).doc

5.3. Philosophies and Education (Zinn) .docx

5.4. Philosophies and Education (Bowen and Hobson).doc

6. JOURNAL - Beginning Thoughts for Philosophies in Education