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04/11 - Articulating Practice Strengthens Teaching by Mind Map: 04/11 - Articulating Practice Strengthens
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04/11 - Articulating Practice Strengthens Teaching

The E5 Model

Constructivist approach


Engage, Gain curiosity, Get what they know, Or think they know

Explore, Use hands on activities

Explain, Develop science explanations, Explains possible solutions to answers

Elaborate, Conduct investigations, Students try alternatives and discusses with others

Evaluate, Reflect on learning, Demonstrates new understanding of knowledge

Useful for encouraging critical thinking

Topic - Farm Life


For students to understand farm life


What understandings do you want the students to have?

Bloom's verbs

Create a diaorama of a farm

Life cycle of a chicken

Identifying different farm animals

Demonstrate an understanding of what is produced on a farm

Compare farm life to city life

Identifying farmer, produce and animals, General outcome of unit

Lesson Planning

Include specific and clear outcomes

Include detailed descriptions of learning outcomes