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04/12 - English (Speaking and Listening) by Mind Map: 04/12 - English (Speaking and
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04/12 - English (Speaking and Listening)

Increase communication and language

Expand sentence length

Not 1 or 2 word answers

Use books for language

Create situations to promote language

Provide choices

Children communicate preferences

Find the time to communicate

Be supportive

Some kids just want to talk

Don't get a chance to talk at home

Be a role model

Don't use slang in the classroom


Elizabeth Love and Sue Reilly

Speech Pathologists



Meta linguistic Awareness

Conscious reflection of language

Activity - Record a teaching session

How long did you wait before answering questions

How long were the instructions

Keep an even tone

Check with school before recording

News Time

Give visual and verbal reminders

Photos of students

Ear crossed out if student is not listening

Student photo under ear if they are listening

'W' Charts

Used for students who are not confident in giving verbal answers after sessions Good prompts to have a student listen for e.g.. "where" Good for student giving news to cover certain topics






What happened next?

How do you feel?

Model good listening

Must model news once per week

Change how you present news

grouped news, create groups, speaker, 2-3 recorders, present back to class

News Plans

Help quieter students

Can help to organise their thoughts


Dress up as favourite character, Term 3

Chain story

Jigsaw story

Class tag + journal take home

Wear your news

Describe news with senses

Pet news

Food news

News poem

Pictionary News

Vocabulary Development

Take opportunities to develop vocabulary



Matching sounds to letters



Leave punctuation out of sentences