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U.S. History by Mind Map: U.S. History
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U.S. History

The English Colonies (1620-1763)

The New England Colonies

The Pilgrims

Massachusetts Bay Colony

New England Life

Conflicts in the Colony

The Southern Colonies and Slavery

Settling the Chesapeake

Chesapeake Society

Bacon's Rebellion


The Colonies During the Restoration

The Carolinas

New York and New Jersey

Colonial Experiments


James II and the Glorious Revolution

The Struggle for Land

The French in North America

Cultures Clash

The French and Indian War

Independence (1763-1783)

The Seeds of Unrest

Governing the New Territories

Financing the Empire

Colonial Protests

The Townshend Acts

The Shot Heard Round the World

Continuing Unrest

The Revolutinary War Begins

Independence Declared

Reasons for Independence

The Declaration of Independence

Reactions to Independence

Fighting the War

Those Who Served

An American Victory

The War Heats Up

Fighting in the West and South

The Patriots Emerge Victorious

From Confederation to Federal Union (1776-1789)

The Articles of Confederation

Republican Ideals and the State Constitutions

Republicanism and Women

A Plan for Confederation

Weaknesses in the Confederation

Shays' Rebellion

Drafting and Ratifying the Constitution

The Call to Philadelphia

Federal Power Versus States' Rights

Compromise at the Convention

The Federalists and Antifederalists

The Ratification Struggle

The Constitution: A Living Document


Separation of Powers

Flexibility and Change

A Strong Start for the Nation (1789-1815)

A Federal Government is Established

The First President

Restoring the Nation's Credit

Hamilton's Bank Proposal

Domestic Difficulties

Dealing with a Dangerous World

The French Revolution

Negotiating Peace

The Election of 1796