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Mr. Roach by Mind Map: Mr. Roach

1. Biggest Fear

1.1. All living things except human

2. Biggest disappointment

2.1. A boy seldom get angry

2.1.1. If angry, near the end to kill you

3. I am

3.1. Interpersonal

3.2. Intropersonal

3.3. Nature

4. My Personality

4.1. ESFP

4.1.1. Extrvert because I like talking with each other and sharing information.

4.1.2. Sensor because I prefer to tell people things with its details and features. This can make other people feel this is visuallize.

4.1.3. Feeler because I care what other people are thinking. Even I try to talk to others in order to get some agreements. I need to know what he/she is thinking and this can make things easier for me. Even the history book said things in this way. But no one knows what happened at that time. These kind of information should be confirmed by myself

4.1.4. Perceiver because I really like to deal with new events and surprise events during something is progressing. This can make me feel more excited and enerhetic. Rules are used for breaking. Deadline? Just kind of force to make me do something useful. Enjoy it!

5. Friends and parents describe me as

5.1. Monster

5.1.1. Psychological tactics

5.2. Fake

5.3. Good boy with humor

6. Really proud of I learn a lot technology information

7. This year I hope to have a great year!!!