Causes Water Pollution

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Causes Water Pollution by Mind Map: Causes Water Pollution

1. Nature

1.1. Artificial

1.1.1. Pesticides

1.1.2. Fertilizer

1.1.3. Toxic Chemicals

1.1.4. Radioactive Waste

1.1.5. Organic waste water

1.1.6. Dioxin

1.1.7. Hazardous waste

1.2. Natural

1.2.1. Volatile Organic Compound (VOCs)

1.2.2. Aquatic toxicology

1.2.3. Decomposing organisms

1.2.4. Heavy metals

2. Sources

2.1. Natural

2.1.1. Disaster Storm Forest Fires Drought Tsunami Acid Rain Earthquake Flood

2.1.2. Others Alga Soil Erosion Animal Waste Water Burning Of Fossil Fuels Nutrient Pollution Atmospheric Deposition Underground storage leakages

2.2. Artificial

2.2.1. Business/Production Activities oil spills Mining Industrial Nuclear Power Biological Weapon Agriculture industry Metallurgical industry Oil refineries Agricultural runoff

2.2.2. Human Activities Urbanization Burying trash indiscriminately Cultural pollution Waste dump Car Wash Hospital waste water Overfishing Throwing garbage into water Domestic waste water

2.2.3. Others Polluted runoff Sewage Leaks Deforestation Population Growth