Virtual Reality

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Virtual Reality by Mind Map: Virtual Reality

1. How does a VR actually work?

1.1. 2.the technology in VR

1.1.1. Computer graphics technology Moore's law

1.1.2. computer simulation technology IMU sensor Motion capture sensor Proximity sensor

1.1.3. artificial intelligence

1.1.4. sensing technology

1.1.5. display technology

2. 3.usage

2.1. education

2.2. e-commerce(new)

2.2.1. create a better shopping experience

2.2.2. let customer know commodity more Intuitively

2.3. health care(Medical training)

2.3.1. Help paraplegic patients regain limb function

2.3.2. Treatment of PTSD

2.4. the philosophy value

2.4.1. new definition of world

2.4.2. new definition of 'living'

2.5. Training

2.6. Better artistic creation

2.7. Entertainment

2.7.1. Play Video Games Hardware HTC vive Playstation VR Software Star Trek™: Bridge Crew on Steam Robinson: The Journey

2.7.2. Watch Movies

2.7.3. shopping online

3. what is it

3.1. history and the development

3.1.1. the first attempt of virtual reality(THE ORINGIN OF TEH VIRTUAL REALITY):the paramanic painting 360 dgree 19th century

3.1.2. discovery of theory of the 3-D imaging 1838 Charles Wheatstone content

3.1.3. the benning trying of the VR The stereoscope Charles Wheatstone 1838 content 1939 : The View-Master (William Gruber)

3.1.4. A new generation of Virtual Reality the prediction of the VR goggle(science fiction) 1930s Stanley G. Weinbaum content 1929 – Link Trainer The First Flight Simulator 1929 Edward Link content the first VR headset to use the motion track: Headsight 1961 Comeau & Bryan content the generation of the entertainment VR(now)

3.2. definition

4. impact

4.1. advantage

4.1.1. Immersive experiences medical treatment tranning driver-tranning reduce accident reduce liability exposure for the driver-training school give a real look of roads and traffic military simulating traumatic events get familiar with different areas in the battlefield entertainment insert participants into imagined worlds experience adventures under extreme conditions make the gaming experience more real education increases students' engagement creates interest business save time and resources

4.2. disadvantage

4.2.1. health mentally unsettling feeling cyber-addiction physically produces fatigue motion sickness cyber-sickness

4.2.2. price high cost need to buy smartphone

4.2.3. need a large space