Dance Techniques For Kids

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Dance Techniques For Kids by Mind Map: Dance Techniques For Kids

1. Contact Page

1.1. On the contact page I'm going to put my email so that people can contact me if they need me or if they have any questions.

1.1.1. On my contact page I will put the social media section and the google form so it is easy for me to find and control and also get feedback on my website.

2. Home Page

2.1. On the home page I'm going to put the techniques of different styles of dance so that it's user friendly and easy to access.

2.1.1. Only my home page I will insert a logo and a screencast so that people can see my page and really feel comfortable using my website. I will also be using digital photo editing and info graphs throughout my website to help entice viewers and show information clearly.

3. About Me

3.1. On the about me page I'm going to talk a little bit about my experience in dance and post a picture of me and maybe add a little extra information so people know I'm a credible source and feel comfortable using my website.

3.1.1. I can use photos and different pictures to make the people on my website feel more comfortable and make sure my site is easy to use.

4. Techniques for children

4.1. On this page I will be making a easy to read list of the basic skills that children should know before they move on to harder levels of dance.

4.1.1. In this page I will put a video or prototype to show my viewers the different skills in case the description given isn't enough for them to learn and practice the skill.

5. Resources

5.1. In this page I will list the resources that I used to create my website and all the pictures that I put on my website.

5.1.1. On this page I will add the screenshot so if people need additional help finding something it is easy and accessible to them.

6. Different Styles of Dance

6.1. In this page I will put all the techniques that kids should know for individual styles of dance to help narrow down the classes or skills they need to practice.

6.1.1. I can put different examples and add a description so that people can read what to do then watch a video on how to do each skill.