Lack of Education in Somalia

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Lack of Education in Somalia by Mind Map: Lack of Education in Somalia

1. Significance and Scope

1.1. 30% of kids go to school

1.2. 40% are girls

1.3. Prevents good future

1.3.1. Difficulty finding employment

1.3.2. Difficulty providing for family

1.4. youth unemployment at 67%

1.5. Somalia is one of the poorest countries in the world

1.6. low school enrollment rates

1.7. kids starting school way after the normal age of 6

2. Evidence

2.1. Borgen Magazine

2.1.1. More or Less Objective Listing Facts positive negative Language Straightforward Boring


2.2.1. Significant bias Exaggeration of the problem Encourages action Use of explicit photos Intense wording Listing Facts mainly negative

2.3. Girls’ Education: Issues and Impact

2.3.1. objective no intense wording no passion in what their saying no explicit visuals listing facts that are very informative no action encouraged leaves you to make your own opinion instead of persuading you


2.4.1. significant bias intense wording photos that induce pity a poor, sad frail girl pointing fingers placing blame encouraging action listing facts and statistics mainly bad painting the situation extremely negative

3. Perspective

3.1. Somalians Students

3.1.1. Going hungry

3.1.2. Can't get a well paying job

3.1.3. Their families are going hungry

3.1.4. Aren't literate

3.2. Somalian Teachers

3.2.1. low salary

3.2.2. women make 15% of the somalian teaching force

3.2.3. most of them are unqualified

3.3. Al-Shabab

3.3.1. getting more and more recruits

3.3.2. creating more havoc all throughout Somalia

3.4. Somalian Government

3.4.1. office is unqualified

3.4.2. very corrupted

3.4.3. taking money from civilians expensive schools

4. Impact

4.1. Economic

4.1.1. Not enough money/poverty Can't pay for necessities unable to pay taxes

4.1.2. Civilians unqualified for jobs jobs not being done right

4.2. Political

4.2.1. Unqualified politicians corruption

4.3. Social

4.3.1. illiterate civilians

4.3.2. uneducated mothers child mortality rates could rise irresponsible with family finances

4.3.3. uneducated girls defenseless against domestic violence risky sexual behaviour higher chance of getting HIV or AIDS

5. Connections

5.1. Unemployment

5.1.1. Poverty Dehydration Starvation

5.1.2. Youth unemployment is at 67%

5.2. Political Instability

5.2.1. Corruption

5.3. Al-Shabab

5.3.1. terrorist organization

5.3.2. forcefully recruits young men Prevents thousands from education

5.4. Africans overall don't get much education

5.4.1. literacy rate is lowest in the world 70%

5.5. Civil War

5.5.1. destroying schools and other resources Leaving many teachers unemployed students abandoning school all together

5.6. Little Government Provided Education

5.6.1. school is to expensive