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Campus Tours by Mind Map: Campus Tours

1. About

1.1. The about page will give the user more detail on Campus Tours and how we differ from usual campus tours

1.1.1. I will use a page to describe how you can personalize your own college tour to see only what you want to see

2. Contact Us

2.1. The contact page will give users a basic page to contact Campus Tours with any questions or additional information

2.1.1. I will create a facebook page or yelp page to post reviews or FAQs on our services

3. Find Your Campus

3.1. On this page I will have second layer tabs to identify the campuses the users wish to view

3.1.1. Here, users can see which are the most popular tours of the campus through a poll that previous tours thought were the most interesting part of the entire campus

4. Home

4.1. The home page gives a brief overview on how we are different from other touring companies, how to navigate through the website. I will also include the most important and relevant information that pertains to Campus Tours on this page.

4.1.1. I will do this through text, videos, and pictures.

5. What We Offer

5.1. Our services page will show the user can personalize their tour through their interests. If a user is interested in only sports and food, the user can get a tour on the athletic programs/events and the best places to get food on campus

5.1.1. I will do this through pictures, text, and videos.

6. CT Tag Line

6.1. Our mission is to personalize the campus tour experience so that the user sees only what they want to see/find information on .