VR and its Applications

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VR and its Applications by Mind Map: VR and its Applications

1. What is VR?

1.1. Virtual Reality

1.2. Combination of both "Virtual" and "Reality"

1.3. Devices are used to show realistic images created by computer tech in order to show the reality virtually

1.4. To provide sensations

1.4.1. Sight

1.4.2. Hearing

1.4.3. Touching

1.4.4. Smell

2. Applications of VR

2.1. Entertainment

2.1.1. Video games

2.1.2. Mechanical Rides (Eg : Roller coaster)

2.2. Film

2.3. Sport

2.3.1. Demonstration

2.3.2. Training

3. Future developments and oppotunities of VR

3.1. Wireless VR

3.2. 12K 360º VR

3.3. 3D surround

4. Pros of VR

4.1. Provide an alternative way for people to work

4.2. Provide a more desirable and enjoyable experience for users

4.3. Let people experience the sense of going to exotic places or past times

5. Cons of VR

5.1. Repair cost for VR devices is costly

5.2. Overuse of VR devices can cause dizziness and headache

5.3. VR devices are wired, hence it is not convenient