Chapter 2: Software

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Chapter 2: Software by Mind Map: Chapter 2: Software

1. Server Operating System

1.1. -An operating system that is designed to support a network

1.2. Proprietary

1.2.1. Windows Server 2008

1.3. Open Sources Software

1.3.1. Linux

2. Categories Software

2.1. Open Source Software

2.1.1. -Created by unpaid volunteers,begin to gain wide acceptance among computer user.

2.1.2. -Freely

2.2. Proprietary Software

2.2.1. -Privately owned and limited to a specific vendor or computer model

2.2.2. -License/paid

3. Function Operating System

3.1. Start and Shutdown a computer

3.1.1. -Restart a computer that already powered on.

3.2. Provide a user interface

3.2.1. -A user interface controls how you enter data and instructions and how information is displayed on the screen

3.3. Manage Program

3.3.1. -An OS manages multiples program and processes while you use the compute

3.4. Manage Memory

3.4.1. Operating System allocates data and instructions to memory while they are being processed,monitors the content of memory and release from memory when the processor no longer required them

3.5. Establish an Internet Connection

3.5.1. OStypically provide a mens to establish Internet connection

3.5.2. Eg: Windows automatically configures some broadband Internet connections as soon as you connect to broadband line

3.6. Control a Network

3.6.1. Some operating systems are designed to work with a serveron a network.

4. Type of System Software

4.1. Operating System

4.1.1. Definition-An operating system (OS) is a set of programs containing instructions that work together to coordinate all the activities among computer hardware resources Type of (OS) -Stand alone Operating System -Server Operating System -Mobile Operating System

4.2. Utility Program

4.2.1. Definition-is a type of system software that allows a user to perform maintenance-type task Tpe of Utility Program -File Manager -Disk Cleanup -Compression Tools Anti-Virus Program -Spyare Remover -Disk Defragmenter -Backup and Restore

5. Mobile Operating System

5.1. -An embedded operating system resides on a ROM chip on s mobile device or consumer electronic device

5.1.1. Project specifications

5.1.2. End User requirements

5.1.3. Action points sign-off

5.2. Proprietary Software

5.2.1. iPhone OS

5.3. OPen Sources Software

5.3.1. Google Android

6. Operating System

6.1. Stand Alone Operating System

6.1.1. -a complete operating system that works on a desktop computer, notebook computer,or mobile computing device

6.2. Proprietary Software

6.2.1. Windows

6.3. Open Sources Software

6.3.1. Linux

7. Utility Program

7.1. File Manager

7.1.1. To provide routine file management task

7.2. Disk Cleanup

7.2.1. Searches and remove unnecessary files

7.3. Compression Tools

7.3.1. To shrinks the size of a files

7.4. Anti-Virus Program

7.4.1. To search,remove.protect virus from computer.

7.5. Spyware Remover

7.5.1. To detects and deletes spyware

7.6. Disk Defragmenter

7.6.1. To reorgnize the files and unused space on computer hard disk so that the Os accesses data more quickly and programs run faster

7.7. Backup & Restore

7.7.1. A backup utility allows users to cpy files to another storage medium in case of damage or lost

7.7.2. A restore utility reverses the process and returns baked up files tu their original form.

8. Application Software

8.1. Definition-Consist of programs designed to make user more productive and/or assist with personal tasks

8.2. Web Browser

8.2.1. A software that allows users to access and interact with software from any computer or device that is connected to the internet

8.2.2. Proprietary Software Internet Explorer

8.2.3. Open Source Software Mozilla Firefox

8.3. Word processing

8.3.1. A software that allows usres to create and manipulate document

8.3.2. Proprietary Software Microsoft word

8.3.3. Open Source Software OpenOffice,org Writer

8.4. Spreadsheet

8.4.1. Allows user to organize data in rows and columns and perform calculations

8.4.2. Proprietary Software Microsoft excel

8.4.3. Open Source software Calc

8.5. Database

8.5.1. Is a collection of data organize in a manner that allows access,retrieval and use of taht data

8.5.2. Allows users to create,access and manage a database

8.5.3. Proprietary Software Microsoft access

8.5.4. Open Source Software Base

8.6. Presentation

8.6.1. Allows users to create visual aids for presentation communicate ideas,messages and other information to a group

8.6.2. Proprietary Software Microsoft PowerPoint

8.6.3. Open Source Software Impres