Essential Agreement

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Essential Agreement by Mind Map: Essential Agreement

1. Caring

1.1. Caring about others whoever they are. caring about others differences and state of mind

1.2. Making sure that everyone has a turn at sharing their thoughts.

1.3. Having a joke is fine, as long as people understand that you are being kind?

1.4. We will listen to others who are talking and we will WAIT until there is a gap

1.5. Respecting other people's opinions -

2. Open-Minded

2.1. Be open-minded of other people's opinions and thoughts. Being open-minded if someone offers advice to improve on something. If you are in a new situation - make the best of it.

2.2. Be open- minded about other opinons - even if you don't agree, you still need to be positive, and accept another point of view.

3. Balanced

3.1. Having a good motivation with every subject. sustaining a healthy life

4. Risk-Takers

4.1. If you are one of those people that all ways sits next to the same people and never put your hand up in class then you have to take a risk by sitting next to someone who may not be your friend and feel confident about sharing your great ideas.

5. Knowledgeable

5.1. Knowledgeable This year we will be Knowledgeable by… Thinking out side the box. Thinking ahead of time. Trying to finish quality not quantity work. taking things into your own hand by taking another step, and if you don’t understand something go research it yourself and become an expert.

6. Reflective

6.1. If you made a mistake think of a way you can stop that from happening again.If you have done something great, remember what that felt like for next time.

7. Inquirers

7.1. To be an inquirer you must think outside the box, & ask questions when you don't understand something. You also have to inquire for info and details.

8. Communicators

8.1. Communicators This year we will be Communicators by… Communicating with others. Inviting them to play with you. Sitting next to different people. Trying to talk to different people, and to find some more similarities between you and others. We will use our laptops to share and learn with others.

8.2. You have to communicate in class, put your hand up - if you have something to say you need to say it.

9. Thinkers

9.1. To be a thinker you should consider your actions & be aware of what other people think or feel. You should be considerate, & think about improving what ideas you've got!

10. Principled

10.1. To be principled you must realize what is right & wrong. You have to make the right choices & not get mad when things don't go your way. You should do sensible things, & if you cam across something that was lost you would find out who it belonged to and give it back, not keep it or ignore it.

10.2. Even though you do not have a strong connection with someone, you will help them because it is the right thing to do

11. What do Manners look like?

11.1. please and thank you

11.2. waiting to be given something

11.3. being on time.

11.4. Listening

11.4.1. waiting until someone has finished talking, then replying

11.4.2. listening to people

11.4.3. patience - if the explanation is lasting longer than expected perhaps we will learn something extra?

11.4.4. listen to learn