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1. Explore Alternatives: I could go to tell a trusted adult and tell the adult to help,I could stand up for myself by fighting, I could talk it out with the bully and convince the bully not to bully me, I could ask my friends to help me since they are there. There are many different ways I can cope with this situations but not everything can turn out well.

1.1. Consider the Consequences I think that if I go to tell a trusted adult, my friends would be against me because I am blaming my friends's friends which is the bully. But what could go well with that is because the adult can help us deal with the situation, it is really risky but the outcomes could be fenomenal. It can affect my future because my friend's would think I am a tattletail therefore, I wont have the same friends. But it can also make my future better because I get rid of my negative emotional wellness and can feel great and I would still cope with friendship. One of the other options is standing up for myself by fighting. I dont think this solution is necessary, but if the bullying continues, I can throw a fist. The consequences are that I could get expelled or suspended from school, or my friends would run away because they are scared. But the positives are: The bully would get scared and stop bullying me, also my friends would befriend again because I stood up for myself. This would ruin my intellectual future because people will know I punched another guy which leaves me with a negative social footprint. This is definatelly really risky, because it can turn out into a lose-lose situation. And the last option I can do is talk it out with the bully or my friends personally. This alternative is not very risky because I can talk truthfully with my friends. Something that could go wrong is my friends would ignore me to stay out of the situation but its very unlikely. It can affect my future well because I havent done anything wrong of talking out a problem with my beloved friends.

1.1.1. Identify Your Values I believe my values are family/love and fun. Fun can affect this situation because I may choose what the more enjoyable option because I also really appreciate love so I think talking to my peers and the bullies shows my intellectuality of trying to sort everything out with care and love and safety. The least viable option would be throwing a fist because that is not following my normal norms, therefore with the power of my spiritual and social wellness I would handle everything with care. Decide and Act The most convenient solution that isas welleast riskiest and the most chances of being succeful aswell as following my beliefs is talking things out with my friends and the bully. My view point of this decision is the outcomes it can be. The good outcomes overweigh the odds. Evaluate the Results Sometime after you have put your decision into effect, take some time to review it. How did your decision work out? How has it affected your life? How has it affected others? What did you learn? If you could do it over again, what would you do differently? My decision worked out extremely well, my friends understood the problem of the scenerio and we gave the bully and option to stop bullying or we will tell an adult. It affected my life because I can do the things I want without getting interfered. It affected me and my friends relationship of trust, so i can talk about my problem with my friends. I learned my wellness makes me do my choices and acts of how I plan and do things.