Return to profitability (2y) or desinvet ?

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Return to profitability (2y) or desinvet ? by Mind Map: Return to profitability (2y) or desinvet ?

1. Desinvest

2. Restore profitability

2.1. Increase sales contribution (by unit)

2.1.1. Increase price Great customer service? Delivery on time? Quality?

2.1.2. Decrease VC RM Lower price Reduce quantity Subcontracting New contractors? New terms for the current contracts? Improve production planning so we don't need to go to subcontractors? Shipment Larger batches New shipper?

2.2. Consumer goods activity

2.2.1. Adjust BU strategy Launch a woman perfume? Retail in department stores? Expand in other European countries? Improve production and delivery?

2.2.2. Exit the perfume market Sell-off the BU? Licence patents/recipe/formula?

2.3. Cuts in Fixed Cost

2.3.1. Wages (Sales + Production + R&D) Reduce number of employee? Lower wages Lower base salary Lower benefit Lower bonus

2.3.2. SG&A Improve the company's working system Take faster decision (on time)

2.4. External strategy

2.4.1. Acquisition Suppliers Material unavailable Expensive materials Retailer

2.4.2. Merger

2.4.3. Joint-Venture

2.4.4. Strategic alliance