Causes of WW1

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Causes of WW1 by Mind Map: Causes of WW1

1. M.A.I.N

1.1. Militarism

1.1.1. arms race in ships, ammunition and guns

1.1.2. raised tensions in Europe

1.1.3. Germany's navy challenged British supremacy at sea

1.1.4. provided countries with unrealistic vision of their strength

1.2. Alliance system

1.2.1. meant to protect isolated (therefore weaker) countries from attack

1.2.2. secret treaties meant that once one country was drawn in, others were bound to follow

1.3. Imperialism

1.3.1. competition for raw materials

1.3.2. Germany wanted colonies and world markets

1.3.3. competition for colonies led to clashes

1.4. Nationalism

1.4.1. prepared to wage war to protect interests

1.4.2. strong in Bosnia and Ausria

1.4.3. made the Balkan region a powder keg

1.4.4. each country would be more content if free from control of larger countries

1.4.5. larger countries did not want to give up provinces without a fight

1.4.6. assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand by Gavrilo Princip (Black Hand) caused Austria to react violently against Serbia

2. Triple Alliance

2.1. Germany

2.2. Austria-Hungary

2.3. Italy

3. Triple Entente

3.1. Great Britain

3.2. Russia

3.3. France

4. Events from June 1914

4.1. Archduke Ferdinand is assassinated on the 28

5. Events from July 1914

5.1. On the 23 Austria sends ultimatum to Serbia

5.2. On the 25 Serbia rejects ultimatum

5.3. On the 28 Austria invades Serbia

5.4. On the 29 Russian army mobilizes

5.5. Germany also declares war on Russia on the 29

6. Events from August 1914

6.1. On the 3rd France mobilizes forces against Germany

6.2. On the 3rd Germany declares war on France

6.3. On the 4th-5th Germany invades Belgium

6.4. Britain also declares war on Germany