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Interaction by Mind Map: Interaction

1. The senses

1.1. Sight

1.1.1. Cornea and pupil

1.1.2. Iris

1.1.3. Lens

1.1.4. Nerves receptors ,optic and blind spot

1.2. Hearing

1.2.1. Auditory cana,oter ear,eadrum

1.2.2. Middle ear

1.2.3. Cholea and inner ear

1.2.4. Auditory nerves

1.3. Smell

1.3.1. Nostrils,taste buds

1.4. Taste

1.4.1. Tongue,taste buds

1.5. Touch

1.5.1. Skin

1.5.2. Dermis

2. The central nervous system

2.1. The brain and spinal cord make up our central nervous system.

2.2. Brain control our nervous system.

2.3. Cerebrum is the biggest part of brain.

2.4. Cerebellum is ctrolling our movement, coordination and balance

2.5. Brain stem is the continuation of the spinal cord

2.6. Spinal cord is made up of nerves tissue and runs from our brain down our spine

2.7. Motor neuros send menssage from the brain

3. Nervous system

3.1. The pheriheral nervous system is up of nerves

3.2. The periphelal nervous system

3.2.1. Neurons that transfer information

3.2.2. Sensory neurons eyes,ears,nosr,tongue ,skin

3.2.3. Brain interpreted the information

4. Locomotor system

4.1. Locomotor and musculodkletal

4.1.1. Skeleton Short bones such at the vertebra in spine Flat bones such as ribs to pelvis Long bones shape limbs and areused for movement

4.1.2. Joints Fixed joind do not move Semi flexival joints such as the vertebra Flexibal joints

4.1.3. Muscles relax comtract skeleton muscles tendons Smooth muscles Cardic muscles voluntari muscles Involuntari muscles