Ideas Generation

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Ideas Generation by Mind Map: Ideas Generation

1. Idea 1

1.1. Narrative

1.1.1. The narrative is about a relationship between two characters, but from the perspective of the males friend who was attracted to his best friends girlfriend.

1.1.2. The narrative is about how he couldn't find the confidence to ask her, and every day he see's them both together it's like torture for him.

1.1.3. As the narrative progresses, it's clear that the antagonist cannot take this any more and he is seen trying to commit suicide.

1.1.4. After this he eventually talks to his best friend on how he feels

1.2. Target Audience

1.2.1. Male & Female

1.2.2. Aged between 16-30

1.2.3. Aimed particularly at the male demographic

1.3. Costume & Props

1.3.1. Clothing

1.3.2. Car

1.4. Setting

1.4.1. In school/6 form

1.4.2. In a variety of places such as the shopping center & park as well

1.5. Characters

1.5.1. Male (in-relationship)

1.5.2. Female (in-relationship)

1.5.3. Male - Interested in best friends girlfriend.

1.6. Mise en scene

1.6.1. Lighting, low key lighting to show the best friend as the character with feelings of depression and bad thoughts.

1.6.2. High key lighting is used to show the couple as happy and in love

1.7. Track

1.7.1. Fur - "Not Enough"

1.8. Theory

1.8.1. The Levi Strauss binary opposites theory can be applied here as there is a two opposite forces of happiness and anger that drive the narrative forwards

2. Idea 2

2.1. Narrative

2.1.1. The narrative is about a young man that has lots of aspirations and what's to be successful in his life.

2.1.2. It's clear that the young man is not fitting in with society and therefore this leads him down a hard way of life as he trying harder and harder every day to make something of himself but his parents and loved ones simply do not support his life choice to help others rather than prioritizing financial security.

2.2. Target Audience

2.2.1. Male character

2.2.2. Aged between 16-24

2.2.3. Aimed particularly at the male demographic, but it may also appeal to a small amount of the female gender.

2.3. Costume & Props

2.3.1. Business area

2.3.2. Work Clothes

2.4. Setting

2.4.1. London

2.4.2. University

2.5. Characters

2.5.1. Male (Main Character)

2.5.2. Father

2.5.3. Mother

2.6. Mise en scene

2.6.1. Low key lighting to highlight character emotions (loneliness)

2.7. Track

2.7.1. I'm Big - Steve Jablonsky

2.8. Theory

2.8.1. The binary opposites theory can be applied here are as main male character has an opposite perspective on life compared to his parents.

3. Idea 3

3.1. Narrative

3.1.1. Narrative and performance based

3.1.2. Based around the future

3.1.3. The story is about love and how it is so important in life

3.2. Target Audience

3.2.1. Male and Female

3.2.2. Aged between 18-30

3.3. Costume & Props

3.3.1. Wedding Rings

3.4. Setting

3.4.1. Church

3.4.2. Apartment

3.5. Characters

3.5.1. Female lover

3.5.2. Male lover

3.6. Mise en scene

3.6.1. Lighting is cold and low key lighting is used to portray character emotions.

3.7. Track

3.7.1. Use somebody - "Kings of Leon"

3.8. Theory

3.8.1. Male gaze theory can be applied here as the female character is shown in the media as attractive and compelling to watch for the typical male character.

4. Final Idea

4.1. We came together as a group to see each others ideas and which one we favoured the most.

4.2. The final idea was based around Michelle's idea of a break up in a relationship. The ideas was about a 2 people who were in love but separated and the video is focussed mainly around the male character that is hurt in the homosexual relationship. The video would follow the highlights of their breakup building up. The character then goes into a breakdown and starts to destroy all the physical memories e.g. photos that he has.

4.3. We decided to use a homosexual relationship rather than a heterosexual one as this will produce a greater impact on the audience as it is unique compared to most other music videos however it does also mean that is is conventional of the indie genre and therefore appeals to the market in greater detail

4.4. Setting: The room in which the video will be set will be decorated in photos and images of the relationship

4.5. There will be 2 male characters who are in a homosexual relationship

4.6. Props: There will be photos, train tickets & books situated all around the room to suggest times of the relationship between the two characters.

4.7. Evaluation: We believe this idea will be successful, as it features a multi strand narrative that will be appealing to the audience. Also the audience from the indie genre are more likely to find the video engaging as we have used a homosexual couple, as well as stages of the relationship that could be viewed as relatable for the audience. The breakdown of the character and how his life has changed will also be appealing to the audience as it con-finds with the uses and gratifications theory on relatibility.