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VR by Mind Map: VR

1. the history of VR ?

1.1. when did VR headset been invented?

1.2. who invented it ?

2. future of VR

2.1. military

2.2. Education

2.3. who will interested at the development of the VR glasses?

2.4. Entertainment

2.5. Business

2.6. Hospital

2.7. Music

2.8. more portable

2.9. improve / replace headset

2.10. possible to produce VR that give sense of smell ,temperature and act accordingly.

3. definition of VR

3.1. VR vs AR

3.2. how VR work

4. advantage

4.1. give you a feeling of actually being there

4.2. It offers a new way of seeing our world

4.3. lower the costs of practical operating

5. disadvantage

5.1. feel uncomfortable after using VR headset

5.2. expansive

5.3. may indulge in virtual world

5.4. VR is limited to a user's visual and auditory senses,

6. current situation

6.1. application ares

6.1.1. VR headset price Brand comfort appearance function

6.1.2. VR experience Museum gaming&entertainment training&education

6.1.3. Medical

6.1.4. Industry

6.1.5. Education

6.1.6. Business

6.2. survey

6.2.1. how well people know about the application of VR glass

6.2.2. is VR more popular among particular age group?

6.2.3. potential problem

6.2.4. degree of sanctification about VR experience

6.2.5. VR market

6.2.6. What would be an acceptable price range to have a VR experience/ headset ?