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PAD van de Held by Mind Map: PAD van de Held

1. 1. in de gewone wereld

1.1. 12 steps to great stories

1.2. 1. There is an objective world indepen-dent of a perceiver.

2. 2. avontuur roept

2.1. hero's journey step by step

2.2. 2. The material world which includes human beings is made of clumps of matter separated from each other in space and time.

3. 3. twijfel om te gaan

3.1. becoming the hero of your story

3.2. 3. Mind and matter are different andindependent entities.

4. 4. mentor helpt op weg

4.1. hero's journey to plot your story

4.2. 4. The mind is trapped in the brain.Intelligence is localized in the nervoussystem.

5. 5. zin om te beginnen

5.1. stages and structure

5.2. 5. Consciousness is the epiphenomenonof matter. We are physical machinesthat have learned to think.

6. 6. oefeningen

6.1. a complete guide

6.2. 6. Human beings are self contained, inde-pendent entities.

6.3. 6. Human beings are inseparably inter-connected with the patterns of intelli-gence in the whole cosmos. We are a web of relationships.

7. 7. wanhoop

7.1. campbell's hero's journey

7.2. 1. We live in a participatory universe. Ourattention creates and modifies theobjects of our awareness.

7.3. The New Paradigm is built on the insightsfrom Quantum Physics and neuroscience,as well as the cognitions of Vedicseers.

8. 8. inzicht

8.1. structure of the monomyth

8.2. 2. The world is non-material. It is com-posed of energy fields which comefrom an underlying, unmanifest field.Space-time events are part of this field.

9. 9. beloning

9.1. reis van de held

9.2. 3. Mind and matter are essentially the same.

10. 10. weg terug

10.1. ulimate writing guide

10.2. 4. The mind is not trapped in the brain oreven the body, It extends far beyondthe reaches of the cosmos. Intelligencecannot be localized, onlyits expressioncan.

11. 11.integreren

11.1. be the hero of your own journey

11.2. 5. Matter is the epiphenomenon of con-sciousness. We are thoughts—impulsesof intelligence that have learned to cre-ate a physical machine.

12. 12 . terug in de wereld

12.1. 12 steps guide

12.2. We are not separate. Our needs are totally interdependent. Our bodies are a changing pulsating pattern. Our bod-ies are part of the universal body, our mind an aspect of the universal mind.

13. heldenpad

13.1. mindmanager

13.2. leren startpagina

13.3. Campbell

13.4. hero's journey

13.5. The Old Paradigm is built on a series ofbeliefs and assumptions which reinforcethe common sensory experience.