Business Model Canvas

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Business Model Canvas by Mind Map: Business Model Canvas

1. Key Partners

2. Infrastructure

2.1. Key activities

2.2. Key resources

3. Value Proposition

3.1. The Value Map

3.1.1. Products / Services Visual images Explainer video Visual stories Flipbooks Wakelets MindMeister

3.1.2. Gain Creators

3.1.3. Pain Relievers Engaging Tell stories Saves time

4. Market

4.1. Customer relationships

4.2. Channels

4.2.1. Website

4.2.2. Social media Peter Deutekom

4.2.3. Direct Business Model Canvas workshop with Renee Mackrill

5. Customer Segments

5.1. The Customer Map

5.1.1. Customer Job

5.1.2. Gains

5.1.3. Pains Attracting clients Holding clients