Malcolm X: The Assassination

Outline for History Paper

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Malcolm X: The Assassination by Mind Map: Malcolm X: The Assassination

1. Pilgrimage to Mecca

1.1. To fulfill his requirements of the Five Pillars of Islam, he went on a the Pilgrimage to the Kaaba

1.2. When he went there, he saw that all races joined together, and the color of the skin did not really matter when it came to religion.

1.3. When he came back, he resigned from the Nation of Islam

2. The Day of the Assassination

2.1. February 21, 1965 while giving a speech at a rally, in New York City

2.2. Man shouted "Get your hand out of my pocket..Then the crowd turned around, and then a man shot Malcolm with a sawed off shot gun. Two men afterwards came and shot him, leaving him with 16 bullet wounds.

2.3. ... and some great ideas too!

3. Reasons for the Assassination

3.1. No one was ever charged with the murder of Malcolm X, however allegations lead to it was plotted by the Elijah Muhammad and the Nation of Islam.

3.1.1. Put Elijah Muhammad's personal life in the media. The affairs with secretaries..

3.1.2. Said the group was getting too radical Left and founded new group called Afro-American Unity Nation didn't take this well, and attempted to bomb his home (a week before the assassination).

3.1.3. Group wasn't following the real Muslim traditions, the fight against black rights shouldn't be against white people because they are not all racist and the root cause of the racism in America.

4. Into/ Important info about Malcolm X

4.1. Key Facts About Malcolm X

4.1.1. Was in the Black Panthers

4.1.2. Leader of the Nation of Islam until Elijah Muhammad took over

4.1.3. Went to Prison in 1946 for Burglary and shortly there after joined the Nation of Islam as a minister.

5. Prequel to Assassination

5.1. Many in the Nation of Islam were not happy that Malcolm X left after pilgrimage.

5.2. Malcolm X's house was bombed a week before his assassination.

5.3. Elijah Muhammad and Malcolm X had many confrontations, but the biggest one was the one that caused Malcolm to be suspended from the Nation of Islam. Malcolm said after the assassination of JFK "chickens coming home to roost".

6. Conclusion

6.1. Elijah Muhammad and leaving the nation.