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Judaism by Mind Map: Judaism

1. Artifacts displaying symbols like the menorah and the mahta.

2. Origins/Founders

2.1. The Hebrews

3. Sacred Texts

3.1. Tanakh, Mishnah, Talmud, Midrash

4. Core Beliefs of The Faith

4.1. Monotheistic,

4.2. If they were loyal to Yahweh they received advantages

4.3. Believe that people are born with a tendency to do both good and evil.

4.4. Believe in reward and punishment.

5. Political and Social Impact.

5.1. Empire Assyria, Babylon, and Persia politically dominated tiny Hebrew communities.

5.1.1. Assyria conquered Israel

5.1.2. Babylon had Judah under their control. This Babylonian exile of the people were now calling themselves Jew.

5.2. The memory of exodus in Egypt and exile in Babylonian evolved the social life of the Hebrew's over time of the conception of their God.

6. Where did it spread and why?

6.1. Starting in Israel, the Jews were exiled out of Babylonia. This led to diaspora, which is the spreading of Jews beyond Israel. Jews fro forced into exile due to the conquering of Babylonia. During their exile, Jews spread North and West into Europe.

7. Map of Judaism origin and where it spread