Duties in an Relationship

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Duties in an Relationship by Mind Map: Duties in an Relationship

1. 2

1.1. I have a duty to accept his way of thinking and not intervene in it, that is, not to recriminate or judge

2. 4

2.1. I have the duty to respect and value the needs that we have as a couple including yours and mine, so that it is equitable. Thinking about the other's relationships favors the relationship

2.1.1. HBV

2.1.2. IPV

3. 6

3.1. I have a duty not to subject my partner to violent acts, not to emotionally, physically, or force her to sexual acts

4. 1

4.1. I have a duty to listen to my partner and respect their different points of view and this is why communication is very important

5. 3

5.1. I have the duty to respect freely the decisions that my partner takes, so they do not like me or do not agree

6. 5

6.1. I have a duty to respect my partner's vote by carefully listening to their decisions about having sex or not, being prudent and discreet

7. 7

7.1. I have a duty to love and respect every day my partner caring for her and making her feel good

8. 8

8.1. I have the duty as an individual to choose my sexual orientation according to my already developed identity without anyone intervening in it. As well as respecting the sexual orientation and preferences of the others

9. 9

9.1. I have a duty to respect others according to their beliefs, race or ethnicity. And so choose my friends or partner without discrimination or pressure from society