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tissues by Mind Map: tissues

1. introduction

1.1. organization of the living body

1.1.1. cell it is the smallest unit of living organization unicellular organisms one cell does all the functions for the body example multicellular organisms many different kinds of cells in groups do the main function for the body example similar cells together form a tissue

1.1.2. tissue it is a group of similar cells combined to do a specific function only multicellular organisms have tissues example many tissues together doing a specific function form organs

1.1.3. organs a group of tissues doing a specific function form an organ only multicellular organisms have organs example a group of organs form an organ system

1.1.4. organ system a group of organs doing a specific function forms an organ system only multicellular organisms have organ systems example a group of organ systems form an organism

1.1.5. organism a group of organ systems doing a specific function forms an organism examples unicellular: bacteria multicellular: humans

2. types of tissues

2.1. animal tissues

2.1.1. types of animal tissues epithelial tissues squamous epithelium types of epithelial tissues function muscular tissues types of muscular tissues function nervous tissues parts of a nervous tissues function connective tissues types of connective tissues function

2.2. plant tissues

2.2.1. types of plant tissues meristematic found in growing parts of the plants function characteristics meristematic tissues become permanent tissues after sometime permanent forms the bulk of the plant characteristics classification