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My Sophomore Year by Mind Map: My Sophomore Year
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My Sophomore Year

Where are they now?


ELA 10.4.4 Use clear research questions and suitable research methods, including texts, electronic resources, and personal interviews, to compile and present evidence from primary and secondary print or Internet sources.  


My Notes

Interview Questions

reflection . . .

This project was a really good oppertunity to research a person and gather all our ideas to produce an interview for someone who made a difference in the past. I really had a weakness in taking notes and gathering resources, but now I'm a pro! :)


DNA in the Courtroom


The Odyssey


ELA 10.4.7 Integrate quotations and citations into a written text while maintaining the flow of ideas. WH.2.7 Compare and contrast the daily life, social hierarchy, culture and institutions of Athens and Sparta; describe the rivalry between Athens and Sparta; and explain the causes and consequences of the Peloponnesian War. (Geography, Government, Sociology)  

My Magazine

Hero or Criminal Essay

Laws That Should Have Applied To Odysseus

reflection . . .

For our major project for the Odyssey was to make a product that reflects what we learned while reading this epic. In this magazine, I compared Odysseus and Penelope to a current couple in this generation.  I used the ending part of the epic when Odysseus finally made it home to Penelope; also, the drama that came after from Odysseus cheating on his wife. My plans for improvement would be to use technology way differently. I believe I could have done way better and could have been more creative.  

My Three Essays


ELA 10.4.2 Establish a coherent thesis that conveys a clear perspective on the subject and maintain a consistent tone and focus throughout the piece of writing.

Service Learning Project

Your School

Harmless Entertainment?

reflection . . .

This are the essays I wrote in my Sophomore English Class. This honestly shows my growth in writing because the fact that I actually got a 5 out of 6 on two of my essays. My average score that I would normally have would be at least a 4. Since the beginning of the year, I have been trying and practicing on my writing skills. The two essays that are 5 out of 6 are the ones that I have increased my writing ways. What I plan on in the future is to get a 6 out of 6 on my next essay.  

World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present


ELA 10.5.1 - describe with specific details the sights, sounds, and smells of a scene and the specific actions, movements, gestures, and feelings of the characters; in the case of short stories or autobiographical narratives, use interior monologue (what the character says silently to self)  to show the character’s feelings.

My Website.

Oppression Essay

reflection . . .

Doing this project really touched my heart. I really enjoyed doing this project because I really put my heart into it so that I can let everyone know what was going on in Haiti. During my presentation, I almost broke out in tears because all the bad things that were happening to all the little kids.

Psychology: Old Aging


P.4.1 Identify the factors that may influence the formation of personality. P.4.2 Identify and describe the characteristics of the major personality theories.

Old Age Video

reflection . . .

I was able to use my technology skills to represent my knowledge of what I learned on this topic. If i were to do this again, I would probably chose a different song, and maybe add more details.  

The Adventures of Marco Polo


  WH.2.11 Explain the origins of Christianity, including the lives and teachings of Jesus and Paul, and the relationships of early Christians with officials of the Roman Empire. WH.3.7 Describe the life of Muhammad, fundamental teachings of Islam, and connections of Islam to Judaism and Christianity. WH.2.3 Differentiate hierarchies in the social structures of early civilized peoples and explain the influence of religious belief systems upon ancient governmental systems. WH.9.2 Locate and analyze primary sources and secondary sources related to an event or issue of the past.  

Christianity Video

Christianity Notes

Geographical View


The reflection on the project of Marco Polo is mainly about the religion of Christianity. It explains it's beliefs and shows how the religion started. This religion still exists today and this project taught me something valuable. While doing this project, I had fun learning about it and I think anyone can learn anything if they really wanted too. Me, being Christian made this Christianity project even more fun since I had some advanced information on it.  

Algebra II


A2.10.2 Decide whether a solution is reasonable in the context of the original situation A2.10.5 Understand that the logic of equation solving begins with the assumption that the variable is a number that satisfies the equation and that the steps taken when solving equations create new equations  that have, in most cases, the same solution set as the original. Understand that similar logic applies  to solving systems of equations simultaneously

Parabola Session Video


reflection . . .

Many don't believe that we have projects in math, but we did! It was a great experience doing a project over our math lesson, and what we learned in order to be able relate it to a real world project. The fundraising was an idea to raise money for New Tech. My group all came up with different services we could have, then we chose the main service. In our Parabola Session Video, we took all that we learned and tried to make it fun for others to watch. The goal was to make learning about parabolas fun and easy. If I were to do any of these projects over, I wouldn't because my groups and I did very good and we all worked hard. :)