India entry business

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India entry business by Mind Map: India entry business

1. Inbound marketing(pull)

1.1. build email database online

2. Outbound marketing(push)

2.1. curtain raiser video

2.2. prospecting

2.2.1. Web research

2.2.2. Linked in sales navigator campaign creatives ads inmail brand ambassadors

2.2.3. Data profiling Industry-wide problems(hot) whitepapers case studies webinar

2.2.4. previous clients referrals upselling new problems behavioral emails Support survey qualify previous enquiries

2.3. Lead nurturing

2.3.1. Social media campaign

2.3.2. email campaign test out database agencies curated non curated workflow emails on drip onboarding autoresponders

3. Landing page

3.1. SEO /SEM

3.1.1. On-page Duplicate content monitoring Site architecture and coding, Canonical URL Site map Conversions and goals India readiness score Heading page titles and meta tags Site uptime 301/404 errors Robots.txt Internal link anchor text

3.1.2. Off-page Thought leadership articles Keyword research Social optimizations Blog commeting Forum posting Social bookmarking Press release/newsfeed Press kit mobile optimization deep linking link building directory submission

3.1.3. PPC campaigns creatives Text/Display/Local Livemint ads cookie based retargeting

3.2. Video

3.3. Sign in page

3.3.1. Using FB/Linkedin/Google

3.3.2. retargeting email

3.3.3. delayed popup

3.4. Social media channels

3.4.1. Crowdfire/Hootsuite/Buffer linkedin FB Microtargeting (esp local business) Insta User generated content Google+ Pinterest Twitter

3.5. Content Mgmt System

3.5.1. Inforgraphics

3.5.2. Articles web scraping

3.5.3. Blog

3.5.4. RSS Feeds

3.5.5. Brochures and report Opportunity report

3.6. A/B Testing

3.7. webinar

4. Partner network

4.1. Referrals

4.2. Trade fairs

4.3. conferences

4.3.1. Alumni reunions

4.4. workshops

4.5. Konsalidon/GLG

4.5.1. Franchise India

4.6. Alumni association


4.6.2. IIM cal/NMIMS/Symbi