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My Sophomore year! by Mind Map: My Sophomore year!
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My Sophomore year!

DNA in the court room

In DNA in the Courtroom, we talked about how DNA from anything found at the crime scene can be used against criminals. Blood, hair, or spit are just some of the things they can find about the person who committed the crime. Everywhere we go and everything we touch, leaves skin cells. They only take the parts of the DNA that they need and see the sequnce because not everyones DNA is the same. This helps them find out who it is.  They have information on known criminals and this will help them find him and take him to justice where ever he/she is.


Critical Thinking/problem solving


The book The Odyssey, created by Homer, is about Odysseus and his travels. He faced lots of hard ships and all his men died but he did not. He was helped by Athena so that he would return home after he fought his war. When he got home, Athena turn him into an old man so that no one would recognize him. When he found out that suitor were trying to take his wife and his kingdoom from him, he and his son killed them all to show that "this is my kingdom that I built with my own hands and no one will take it away."


Work ethic

Pancho villa Interview

In this reflection I did my Pancho Villa interview. I learned many things about him such as his name is really Doroteo Arangoand he also was a general of the Mexican Revolution. His life was hard but he actually ran away into the mountains where he lived to escape the law after he killed a man for almost raping his little sister. He had to rob banks and take money from trains to survive.  However the people of Mexico loved him because he stood up to America and helped to start the revolution.



Big Boy DNA strand

A "big boy" is a big strand of DNA that helped me learn about which nucleotide bonds to which one and why. DNA is the information about us. If we do not have it we would all look the same. DNA is also what we need to make protein for your body to work and move.


Work Ethic

Baby no Baby

In Baby No Baby, I learned about inherited traits and sex cells. We get half of our mother chromosomes and half from our father to get the amount we need. I also learned about Heterozygous and Homozygous. Heterzygous means you have a dominant trait and a recessive (Tt). If you are homozygous you are either both dominant or you are both recessive (TT) (tt).


Peer collaboration

Knock outs

Knockouts is a project that we looked at a diner and saw how to prepare the food and still keep the kitchen clean. Germs for example can cause many diseases such as E. coli, Hepatitis A, and Botulism. Its the cooks job to make sure that when they customer gets the food they do not get sick. Some diseases can be killed by either heating the food up or cooling the food down. We helped Knockouts make things to show how to prepare foods and how to get ready to prepare foods.



Personal Activities






In my Hindusim project I learned of how they live their daily lives around their beliefs. They believe in one God (many different forms) and reincarnation. You can only be a priest, a warrior, a farmer, a tradesmen, a servant, or a worker.  They also have a book of worship wihich is called a Vedas. Their beliefs are like others but just different in many ways.



Marching contest

Marching contest for band is the best time of my life because I get to be in percussion and hang out with my friends in the band. We always get a Silver in our first performance but after either that we typically get Gold Awards. Its really fun to go to competitions, but I wish we were better at it.  We need more people to join the band and more money to do more things in our routines. 



Work Eithic

Town of Cell

In the Town of Cells, I learn about cell mebranes, nucleus, cell wall, vacuole, mitochondria, and many more.  These are just some of the things that are in cells and many more. The cell needs all of those organelles to make protein, destroy viruses, or clean up garbage around the cell. Even if the cell is missing one of its organelles (mutation) it would not be able to work properly and would make more mutated cells and cause you to have cancer or other illnesses.



Work Ethic

Oppression in Modern Cuba

In Oppresion in Modern Cuba, I wrote and developed a webpage that was about Oppression in Cuba and how it effects people there. Labor Camps, Communism, and Political Executions are the most popular. When people were forced into labor camps they were abused and killed. Communism is a sociopolitical movement that aims for a classless and stateless society structured upon common ownership of the means of production. Political executions killed many people from races and what they did.



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