Indian Act

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Indian Act by Mind Map: Indian Act

1. Canadian Government

2. Canada

3. Indian Act was an act introduced by Canadian Government that allows them to develop specific policies and programs to administer treaty rights to First Nations of Canada.

4. The Indian act was first introduced by the Canadian Government in 1876. However, it amended several times. But, despite these changes, the act remained similar to the original act.

5. It happened because the act gave a large amount of power to Canadian government since the Indian act allowed almost complete control to the Canadian Government over how the Indians lived and interacted with non-Indians.

6. It happened since many Indians were satisfied with it. The act was giving them many opportunities and the chance of easier life. For instance: the government was responsible with their health, education, and lands. Also, the act gave them the chance to interact with whites.

7. It happened due to the economic opportunities it had for Canadian Government. However, it stifled the economy for Indians by putting commerce on all reserves under the control of an unresponsive centralized bureaucracy.

8. the social control aspect of the Indian Act placed Indians in the position of the colonized people.

9. ” Instead of implementing the treaties and offering much needed protection to Indian rights the Indian Act subjugated to colonial rule the very people whose rights if was supposed to protect"(Cardinal, Harold)

10. In many ways the Indian Act rules destroyed the culture of the native people since it forbidden the Indians from organizing their traditional ceremonies such as Polatch or the Sun Dance.

11. Indians forced the Canadian government to amend the rules of Indian Act node

12. Freedom of voting

13. Main goal: assimilate the Indian population into white Canadian culture