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E-Portfolio by Mind Map: E-Portfolio

1. Odyssey project

1.1. standards

1.1.1. 10.3, 10.4, 10.5

1.2. Pictures

1.2.1. New node New node New node

1.3. American odyssey google earth. I didn't include a video because i don't know if anyone else has google earth.

1.3.1. New node

1.4. reflection

1.4.1. New node

2. oppression project

2.1. standard

2.1.1. 10.2.4, 10.6.2

2.2. oppression website

2.3. Reflection

2.3.1. New node

3. inventors project

3.1. Power point

3.1.1. please click on attachment for power point

3.2. Reflection

3.2.1. For this project the class was broken into groups. Each group had to randomly pick a inventor for a plastic container. I choose for my group and got Elisha Otis. I personally didn't mind this project since I like know how things work and possibly who made it. I was in charge of making the elevator. It was successful in my opinion. Making something with my bare hands made me proud of myself and the grade I got for it. Engineering was used to complete this project. Also imagination because in order for me to really make something from scratch I first have to invision it.

3.3. standards

3.3.1. Wh.6.4, Wh.9.1

3.4. Pictures of elavator

3.4.1. New node New node New node

4. Renaissance project

4.1. Picture of store

4.1.1. New node New node

4.2. Reflection

4.2.1. The Renaissance project took me by surprise when my teacher Mrs Wierzbicki informed us about it. At first i really wasn't excited about doing the project until I was in charge of making the store. Each of my partners had a role to play in the project. Since we had to make a Renaissance tool shop in the past and present i made the shop in the present. We also had to make a advertisement. The knowledge i gained form this project helped me with technology, Knowledge from the past, and how to manage a store. The project may help in the future if I ever decide to open a shop.

4.3. Standards

4.3.1. WH 4.10 / WH 9.1

5. historical interview

5.1. standard

5.1.1. 10.3.1, 10.5.4

5.2. The Interview

5.2.1. Pictures of the man I interviewed New node New node

5.3. Reflection

5.3.1. It was very interesting this project interviewing a dead person. Even though I never knew the guy Mao Zedong I think I got his personality down. How i started the interview was very unique. I made a show called the nightly show. On the show I interview Mao Zedong.

6. Religion project

6.1. Standard

6.1.1. 10.1.1

6.2. Hinduism

6.2.1. Photo

6.3. Reflection

6.3.1. Learning about this new religion opened my eyes to other kinds of people. Before the project I really had no idea about other religions. Now I know loads of facts, how they worship, and how this religion relates to others. Me myself i am a Christan. So I can see how important their religion is to them since i love god so much. My fair share of this project was helping with the power point. The power point is unavailable at the moment since this was my very first project in September. The project was very informing and fun I hope in the future i get to do something like this again.

7. time capsule

7.1. 10.7.4, 10.7.10

7.2. I put in my baby picture.

7.3. Reflection

7.3.1. For this project i witnessed feelings being brought out of people. Everyone who stepped up at leased cried once. Before i stepped up i couldn't think of anything so I thought how about my baby picture. i didn't cry but i was pretty sad.

8. Genetic Disorders

8.1. standard

8.1.1. New node

8.2. 10 disorders

8.2.1. Disoders

8.3. Refection

8.3.1. Before this project I had no idea about all the stuff that can kill you. People suffer form stuff like this everyday. Its so hard to stop it. I have nothing to really say except science will over come this problem.

9. Wix