Data Analysis

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Data Analysis by Mind Map: Data Analysis

1. Algebra 1

1.1. New node

1.2. New node

1.3. New node

2. WH/English 10

2.1. Class work

2.1.1. throughout the year i did not do my work, the consequences for this action were that my scores dropped.

2.2. projects throughout the year

2.2.1. During our projects i was slacking in being a leader, but i was good in being a sheep and following.

3. Bio-Health

3.1. organelles

3.1.1. ahhh organelles the project that i enjoyed the most and learned from the most.i can recite all the definitions for the vocab.

3.2. Knock-outs

3.2.1. a good project: thought me how chefs in restraunts prepare foos, wash utensils and whatnot.

3.3. baby no baby

3.3.1. taught me how to use a punnett square, genes, chromosomes, everything that there is to know on how babies get chromosomes.


4.1. Algebra 1

4.1.1. In the beginning to the year i got a 241.

4.1.2. when we took the NWEA again i dropped to a 231

4.2. English 10

4.2.1. i not that great in English but i got a decent score

4.2.2. the last NWEA i got a little better score i did the first time.

4.3. Bio-Health

4.3.1. i had a bad testing day when we took the NWEA so i got a low score

4.3.2. later on i got a better score. i learned a lot during the whole year this was the best class I've had.

5. Wix page