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My success as a sophmore at Calumet High School by Mind Map: My success as a sophmore at Calumet High School
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My success as a sophmore at Calumet High School

Knock out's

Knock outs was a project we did towards the middle of the year and we had the manager of a restraunt come in and talk to us about their restraunt and asked us to do some research on bacteria, and what we suggest they do to keep bacteria from happening when delerving foods or picking up their fresh produce. The standards that were covered were standards 103.3: evalute interactions between characters in a literary text and explain the way those interactions affect the plot, 103.2: compare and contrast the presentation of a similar theme.

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where are they now?

Where are they now was a priject we did in my world history/english class. What we had to do for this project was read a text about a person and deterim if they had good character or bad character. After reading the text we had to answer questions then do more research about this person. After doing research and learning more about that person we had to turn in all of our notes to our teacher so she could she what we learned about this person and how he or she affected other peoples lives. Doing this project will help me alot in the future besause of many reasons. One of the things that i learned from this priject that will help me in the future is never give up what you believe in because the lady that I had to do reasearch on was rejected by the president of the United States of America but she never gave up and because of that she helped millions of mentaly ill people and she opened hospitals all across the world that gave people what they needed. Another thing that I learned that will come in handy in my future is how to do reasearch on people and or things from the past or present. The standard that was covered while doing this project was 101.3: Use the knowledge of mythology.

World Oppression and Slavery: Past to Present

We got assigned a Country for this project and what we had to do was do research on one of its major problems. I got assigned Brazil and I did my presentation on human-trafficking. The standard that was covered was standard 105.Write for different purposes and audiences.


While doing this project we got to learn the steps of mitosis and what happens during each step. The standard that we covered was 102.5: make responsable statements and draw conclusions about text.

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  We got assigned a belief with this project and what we had to do was study what they can and can not do while following this belief. my group was assigned Buddihsm. The standard that was covered was standard 106.2: Demonstrate and understand sentence construction


We had to study a cell in this project and learn each part of it and what that part does for the cell. The standards that were covered in the project was standard 104.9: Use a computer to design and publish documents by useing advanced.

Interim assessiments

Interim 2B Interim 3A Interim 3B Interim 4A interim 4B Interim 5A  While doing these quizes we got to learn more than just one thing. One thing that we got out of takeing these quizes are, we got to get comfortable with testing on the computer. Another thing that we got out of these interim assessoments were after we got done with the test the computer automatically showed us our scores and percantages.

interim 5A

interim 4B

interim 3B

interim 3A


We did not do alot of essay's this year but the essay's that we did were done in criterion whitch is a website that you do your essays in and after you finish it automatically grades it and shows you what you did wrong and gives you pointers on how to fix them mistakes.

life is a competition

Service learnig project

Your school

intro letter READ FIRST

conclusion letter


Personal (website)