My experience through school (please read note first which is the gray circle with lines located ...

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My experience through school (please read note first which is the gray circle with lines located at the top right of this blue box) by Mind Map: My experience through school (please read note first which is the gray circle with lines located at the top right of this blue box)

1. Children's cancer book

1.1. Artifact

1.2. 10.4

1.3. For this project the creation of a children's cancer book was required. For this book me and my partner had to explain what cancer is and have it to where kids could understand it without such intense vocabulary. This project helped show what team work can accomplish and overall the book itself came out nice I was satisfied it made both my partner and I how to think beyond and explain cancer is such a low simple way for kids to understand it.

2. Odyssey

2.1. Artifact

2.2. 10.3.1

2.3. For this assignment a small creation of a magazine with an advertisement that was related to the Odyssey was required. With my personal past experience with this assignment, I can actually say I enjoyed it a little and if I had to do it again it would not be a problem at all. My magazine included pictures and details of how Odysseus stayed in shape as well as the one eyed Cyclops, this magazine showed dramatic literature and it also included past tense Greek mythology literature.

3. A.G. Bell

3.1. Artifact

3.2. 10.5.1

3.3. This piece of work required thinking skills to help explain who and what Alexander Graham Bell accomplished. Not only was a "powerpoint" required to share little information about him but a small model of an example on how the invention was used, personally for this project I felt I did not learn anything I had already acquired the skills of this project long before we had done it, if I had to use analogy for what I just said it'd be: it's like riding a bike after knowing how, nothing was learned the second or third time.

4. Hinduism

4.1. Artifact

4.2. 10.3.12

4.3. This assignment was a presentation of a power-point that showed significant details about a religion my group was assigned Hinduism. Creating this presentation made me learn how not only about another religion but how literature is used in other ways such as a historical traditional poem related to a religion or just a historical traditional poem in general.

5. History Essay

5.1. Artifact

5.2. 10.6.4

5.3. This project consists of an essay that has around seven paragraphs that gives details, sources and quotes on how history is important to present day. This assignment was quite beneficial it actually made me look beyond and do research on how history actually does help, and having to go beyond and find quotes or sources that help relate to this assignment showed me how many thingsactually revolve around historic movements. If I had to re-do this assignment I wouldn't be upset at all most assignments are disappointing with that lack of intelligence required but this one actually made me think.

6. website

6.1. Artifact

6.2. 10.7

6.3. This presentation assignment was quite beneficial it made me research statistics on prostitution in China. Prostitution wasn't even the main topic, prostitution was just a category of an oppression in China. Not only did I learn about oppression but how to create a website as well this was pretty much a "kill two birds with one stone". During the process of presenting this each person in my group had an oppression to explain to the class but on the same country for example my group had gotten China and my oppression I had decided was prostitution.

7. Visual Vocabulary

7.1. Artifact

7.2. 10.1

7.3. This was an individual assignment that showed a visual on the vocabulary word, doing this vocabulary showed that me as a student can encounter a word and write it's meaning and comprehend it's meaning.

8. DNA in the courtroom

8.1. Artifact

8.2. 10.2

8.3. For this assignment I have had to do research in a wide variety that answer the following questions, How does DNA help in the courtroom? How is DNA collected? Where can DNA be collected? and so on. Researching these questions made me go beyond and read essays, technical documents and other things, just to get information on this topic (How DNA is used in the court)

9. Personal