My life as a Calumet High School student!

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My life as a Calumet High School student! by Mind Map: My life as a Calumet High School student!

1. Scenerio

1.1. 10.7.4 use props, visual aids, graphs, and electronic media enhance the appeal and accuracy of presentations.


1.3. In this assignment we had to create a scenerio and make different ways it could end. You take the persons mind on a journey of what could happen. In this project we used visual aids which are included in the standard. I know i can follow the standards because i did. Mr. Nelson told me i did really well, i put a lot of effort into this project. A lot more then many of the students put in. Doing any sort of project you will use you will do it. Id like to make it longer next time.

2. My personal stuff:D


2.2. This part of my portfolio is about my interests and what I, as a person am into. The things i enjoy and people in my life. I think it is A material, i really like it. There wasn't a standard requirement for this one, I'm not really sure what the standard would be if i had to put one. If this had a standard i think it would pass it really well. My work is high quality, i think it has alot of me in it.

3. Math test

3.1. 10.2.2 Extend__through original analysis, evaluation, and elaboration__ideas presented in primary or secondary sources.

3.2. I fortunately passed this test. I have to thank alex for helping me throw out class everyday so that i could pass. I wish i could pass every test/quiz. It would definately inprove my grade alot. It took alot of studing to get an A. The standard for this project is to evaluate. Which is exactly what you do when doing math. Looking at my work i believe i could have done better but this standard also worked since i passed. This isn't the best quality of my work. You use evaluation everyday.I'll study better next time to higher my grade.

3.3. (artifact)

4. health

4.1. (standard)

4.2. (reflection)

4.3. (artifact)

4.4. New node

5. English Essay Comparison



5.2. For this project to get an A,it had to have perfect puncuation, and grammar. The assignmnt was to present your view of your school. All of my opinions were based on the first day i was welcomed into Calumet. The standard said to analyze the purpose and the characters,which is what i did to create my essay. Looking at my work i see that following th standards does indeed help with your essays. It also shows as proof that i didn't follow the entire standard. Because if i did i would have gotten that 6/6 instead of that 5/6. I will use this skill more wisely next time, so that i can get a 6/6, the next time i have this neat assignment ill be sure to watch my grammar.

5.3. 10.3.1 Analyze the purposes and the characteristics of different forms of dramatic literature (including comedy, tragedy, and dramatic monologue).

6. Church Flyer

6.1. 10.5.5 Write business letters that: *Provide clear and purposeful information and address the intended audience appropriately. * Show appropriate use of vocabulary, tone, and style that takes into account the intended audience's knowledge abut and interest in the topic and the nature of the audience's relationship to the writer. *Emphasize main ideas or images. *follow a conv entional style with page formats, fonts (typeface), and spacing that contribute to documents' readability and impact.

6.2. I made this flyer in my computer tech class with Mr. Drake. I had to create a religous poster so i chose Living Hope. I got an A,so i clearly follwed the standards correctly. Proven by my work, the standards can indeed be followed correctly. the quality (as shown to you in the flyer) is not my best but is pretty good. Being inschool i will always use this skill. I believei will use all theses standards for the rest of my life. For this skill i'll probably try to show myself up but i think i did pretty good.

6.3. (artifact)

7. world history

7.1. 10.2.2 Extend-through original analysis, evaluation, and elaboration-ideas presented in primary or secondary sources.

7.2. I think my grades for study island are the best of all my grades. I got almost everything done that needed to be. This session I got a perfect score because I did them over and over until i got them where I wanted them. I know i can do it because on this assignment i did great. I just need to keep my head in the game and pay attention. The quality is really good. you will probably use this all the time. Ready comprehension is a everyday thing.