Friday Night: I get a call being invited to a party.

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Friday Night: I get a call being invited to a party. by Mind Map: Friday Night: I get a call being invited to a party.

1. Stay home.

1.1. Get much needed work done.

1.1.1. Some may say I am being an overachiever.

1.1.2. Could be happy about what I did and not care what people think.

1.1.3. Be ahead of the people who went to the party and have everything ready. Go to sleep at a decent time and wake up well rested yet a bit bored. Wake up early in the morning wanting to talk to my friends but realize they are still resting from the night before. In the end I basically just sit at home bored.

1.2. Beat myself up about why I didnt go to the party and have fun with my friends.

1.2.1. May get called a loner.

1.2.2. Secretly wish I would have gone to the party when I hear how much fun other people may have had.

1.2.3. Realize everything happens for a reason and accept things as they are.

2. I could go to the party.

2.1. Someone I don't like is at the party and starts an argument with me. What do I do?

2.1.1. People around me pressure one of us to do something and we fight.

2.1.2. I could ignore it and nothing happens.

2.1.3. I could ignore it and get called out about it.

2.2. People are drinking and smoking yet I am not.

2.2.1. A fight breaks out between two people over a girl and the drugs only enhance their stupidity.

2.2.2. I could still have fun even if I am not drinking but may get pressured. Stay up throughout the night and come home early in the morning getting little to no sleep. In the end I had fun but get in trouble for being out the whole night I had fun but sleep the whole day away. I had a lot of fun and not sleep what so ever but during the day I try and do my normal routine yet become sluggish and irritable.

2.2.3. Everything may go well but people may associate me with that crowd of people.

3. Do something else

3.1. You die