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Methodology by Mind Map: Methodology

1. Observe behaviours

1.1. Are children engaged more in VoiceThread tasks?

1.2. Do children support each other?

1.3. Are the children more willing to write?

1.4. Are inappropriate behaviours reduced?

2. What is VoiceThread like as a teaching and learning tool?

2.1. Is it easy to use?

2.2. Does it motivate children to write?

2.3. Are there many technical difficulties?

3. Assess writing

3.1. Have writing levels improved since using Voice Thread?

3.1.1. Is this due to VoiceThread or other interventions?

3.2. Are children more confident in writing?

3.3. Can children peer assess more accurately and confidently?

3.4. Are children writing more than in traditional writing lessons?

4. Children's responses

4.1. Do children engage more with the writing task than traditional writing lessons?

4.2. Do the questionnaires show an improvement in attitude to writing?

4.3. Are inappropriate behaviours reduced?