Methodology 2

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Methodology 2 by Mind Map: Methodology 2

1. Assessment of writing

1.1. Have writing levels improved?

1.2. Are the lower ability children more confident in writing?

1.3. Are children applying learned writing skills to their writing on VoiceThread?

2. Effectiveness as a tool for peer assessment?

2.1. Can children successfully use the tool to peer assess?

2.2. Can they comment on subject specific objectives?

2.3. Can the children offer suggestions on how to improve their writing?

3. Behaviours

3.1. Are all children engaged and motivated by VoiceThread?

3.2. Are children applying co-operative learning standards to VoiceThread tasks?

4. Children's responses

4.1. Are children enthusiastic when using VoiceThread?

4.2. Do the questionnaires show that children enjoy using VoiceThread?

4.3. Do the children feel like their writing has improved by using VoiceThread?

4.4. What do children like/dislike with the technology?