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Life by Mind Map: Life

1. Achievements

1.1. Grades

1.1.1. Good Grades Being focused and giving value of one's Education

1.2. Competition

1.2.1. Winning a competition to have given pride to your own school, self and family in the Game you have prepared and put your heart to.

1.3. Relationship

1.3.1. Having a long term relationship being able to hold on to what is real and preserved one's self towards their loved one for a long period of time

1.4. Graduate

1.4.1. to Graduate with honors It is the finish line to where all hard work, tears and where sacrifices finally pays off and the beginning towards a bountiful harvest in the future

1.5. acceptance

1.5.1. People loved and accept of what and who you are people have seen your true nature and realized that you are one of the great persons they have ever met

1.6. friends

1.6.1. Having a large number of friends Being able to know and met people from different paths every once in a while

1.7. Learn

1.7.1. learn at least one Musical Instrument having to play the piano

1.8. Cook

1.8.1. Learn to cook and bake Surprise my Family During holidays and even birthdays

2. Angry

2.1. Failure

2.1.1. Exams Unit test Summative test

2.1.2. In achieving goals Promotion Education

2.1.3. Fail to be loved Boyfriend/Girlfriend Crush Family

2.1.4. Submitting requirements Projects Portfolios Assignments Curriculum Vitae

2.2. Envy

2.2.1. Not getting what you want Big house Clothing Branded shoes Car Career

2.2.2. Gadgets Ipad Iphone Laptop

2.2.3. Beauty French beauty American beauty Korean beauty Filipina beauty

2.2.4. Social status Rich Businessmen Poor Beggars

2.3. No justice

2.3.1. Crime Rape Robbery

2.3.2. Accident Car accident Plane accident

2.3.3. Political injustice Corruption

2.3.4. Inequality Gender inequality Gay Bisexual Lesbian Transgender

2.4. Annoyed

2.4.1. Playmates Friends Neighbors Cousins

2.4.2. Strangers Textmates Chatmates

2.5. Teasers

2.5.1. Friends

2.5.2. Classmates

2.5.3. Workmates

2.5.4. Sisters

2.6. Bullying

2.6.1. Enemy

3. Happiness

3.1. Hobbies

3.1.1. dancing folkdance party tango chacha

3.1.2. Playing games Csgo League

3.1.3. swimming

3.1.4. singing rock song calm song romantic

3.2. Contentment

3.2.1. Accepting Lies Mistakes

3.3. loved

3.3.1. family

3.3.2. friends

3.3.3. classmates

3.3.4. relatives

3.3.5. special someone boyfriend girlfriend

3.3.6. crush

3.3.7. teachers hign school elementary secondary

4. Sadness

4.1. No food

4.1.1. Hunger

4.2. No money

4.2.1. No night outs No social life Safety

4.2.2. Crime Drugs Murder Rape Robbery

4.2.3. No adventure

4.3. Low grades

4.3.1. Depressions Suicide

4.3.2. Gets scolded by parents Anger No allowance Hatred

4.3.3. Lower self-esteem

4.3.4. Regrets for not studying

4.4. Loss

4.4.1. Lost a family member

4.4.2. Lost a friend

4.4.3. Lost a partner

4.4.4. Lost a thing

4.4.5. Lost money

4.4.6. Lost a chance

4.5. Loneliness

4.5.1. Friendless

4.5.2. Homesick