Where am I Now

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Where am I Now by Mind Map: Where am I Now

1. Race for a Cure

1.1. Race for a cure was about people with cancer

2. World English

2.1. World History

2.1.1. I have learned a lot in this part of the class. Mrs. Downing is the funniest teacher ever. She had me so interested in learning about World History and I was able to understand everything.

2.2. English

2.2.1. English is not my best subject. It never has been and it probably never will be.

3. What goes up must come down

3.1. Project that was done in the beginning of the year.

4. Slavery in Haiti

4.1. http://www.wix.com/doranellena/slaves

4.2. Slavery was kind of a sad project to work on.

5. DNA in the Courtroom

5.1. https://docs.google.com/a/chsnewtech.com/present/edit?id=0AZ9OJ1m9oSplZGRqOThmc2RfMTA3aGptMnRzaGI&hl=en

5.2. One of my favorite projects. It was produced in BioHealth class. It was very engaging and surprisingly very fun.

6. GMF

6.1. It is generally named Genetically Modified Foods.

7. BioHealth

7.1. Biology

7.1.1. I never was good at paying attention and understanding biology, but this year Ms. Lehner made it really easy for me to understand it. She also made some of the projects fun when it didn't envolve Mr. Nelson's part of the class.

7.2. Health

7.2.1. I just straight up hate Health. I know hate is a strong word, but that is how strong I don't like it. Just like English, I will never be able to get it.

8. Mitosis

8.1. An interesting project from Science.