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Having Unprotected Sex by Mind Map: Having Unprotected Sex
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Having Unprotected Sex

Having Children (Cons)

Droping out of school

Full devotion to child

Find work

Disappointing parents

Childhood has ended

Possibly Abortion

Possibly putting child up for adoption

Baby will not have a good childhood.


Different Types of STD's



Genital Herpes

Genital Warts


Pubic Lice



Pleasure from the experience

Emotional Attatchment (Cons)

Feeling that the person belongs to you

Falling hard for the person

Psychotic behavior

Having Children (Pros)

Bringing Life into the world

Being parents for the first time

Loving your child

Addition to the family

Support of family members.

Brings family closer

Emotional Attatchment (Pros)

A relationship may form

True feelings may be expressed