Where am I Now.

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Where am I Now. by Mind Map: Where am I Now.

1. In English I learned a lot.I accomplished so many things. My reading has got really better. My speaking has got really great. When I speak, I speak clear, loud and in a professional manner. The projects were great. I learned a lot about people and different things. We did a lot of projects like the Opression and slavery and more. I learned to use different tools like Wixs, Mindmeister, Freerice, StudyIsland, and etc. The Wix helped me organize information to present it. The Mindmeister is the same as the Wix website helps organize information. The Freerice helps in two different ways helps me understand different meaning in words and the site donates rice to the hunger every time I get a word right. The StudyIsland helps me more in school in all different subjects .

1.1. When we got interduced to the Oppression and Slavery project. I was clueless. I had no idea what we had to research. I looked more into the project researched more about the subject and continued on. We made a webpage which the link is above for an example of what we had to do and work on.

2. Oppression

2.1. Webpage

2.1.1. http://www.wix.com/zeiter_p/inited-states-of-america-slave

3. Math

3.1. In the beginning of the year in Math class. I had no idea what the lessons was about. Then I took notes, listen better, and engaged in the lesson more.

4. Biology

4.1. In biology I have not done my best in there. But, I at least try my best. The class is very complicated. The projects are hard but I still go for it and try my best to do my best.

5. Reading 180

5.1. In reading-180 I increased a lot in this subject read higher then I did. I did read at a third level and now I read higher. Reading is easy for me now but next year I am going to read a lot more for school then for myself I read a lot I might a while put it out for a grade.

6. U.S. History

6.1. History is one of my favorite subject. I just like it because you learn about the past.

7. Personal

7.1. www.wix.com/zeiter_p/ALL-ABOUT-ME