Subcultures' influence and their generations

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Subcultures' influence and their generations by Mind Map: Subcultures' influence and their generations

1. social

1.1. Non-conventional lifestyles

1.1.1. Groups of people that live together communes

1.1.2. Events(Parties) Ukraine's Raves like "CXEMA" "Skotoboynia" and 'Witchout" raves in Saint-Petersburg/Moscow

1.2. People with deviant behavior cause a confusion among the rest part of society

2. political

2.1. "Perestroyka" in the Soviet Union as a cause

2.2. Ukraine's Underground Rave Revolution as a consequence

3. cultural

3.1. Way of self-expression

3.1.1. Appearance of new directions of art New music genres and bands Witch house cloud rap vaporwave Artistic directions glitch-art seapunk webpunk Styles of clothing

4. technological

4.1. Existence of social networking as an instrument of distribution

4.1.1. Online subcultures

5. economics

5.1. Subcultures as a way of income

5.1.1. YouTube blogger career

5.1.2. Visual-art career

5.1.3. Designer career

5.1.4. Filmmaker,scriptwriter careers

5.1.5. Musician career

5.1.6. Artist career