Christopher Murphy's Map of Choices

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Christopher Murphy's Map of Choices by Mind Map: Christopher Murphy's Map of Choices

1. Could lead to failure and lots of money lost

2. stressful

3. Be your own boss

4. Feel good to be successful

5. Hard to achieve

6. possible good salary

7. Father would aprove

8. Very interested in business

9. Go down in history

10. Very hard to achieve

11. Very stressful

12. Make crucial decisions

13. very well paying

14. Make family very proud

15. Very good reputation

16. Good local reputation

17. Helping and saving people

18. Hard to achieve

19. Very stressful

20. Lots of work

21. Good pay

22. Mother would aprove

23. Runs in family

24. Mother would not aproove

25. Father would aproove

26. Father would not aproove

27. Rewarding

28. Not best pay

29. Lots of holidays

30. I would love to coach the soccer team of the school

31. I am very good in front of a crowd

32. Work with people

33. Hard to keep a family as you are always traveling

34. Hard if canadien

35. A lot of practice and competition

36. -Travel the world

37. -Dream job

38. -Pays very well

39. -I have a passion for soccer

40. Professional soccer player

41. Teacher

42. Doctor

43. Future prime minister of Canada

44. Business man