Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe 1719

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Robinson Crusoe, Daniel Defoe 1719 by Mind Map: Robinson Crusoe,   Daniel Defoe 1719

1. setting in place

1.1. which places did he go to?

2. setting in time

2.1. when is the story set in time?

3. character


3.1.1. practical mind

3.1.2. puritan attitude self reliant he believes in his wit, talent to survuve

3.1.3. typical middle class hard working built a hut grew a garden baked his food practical he lives in solitude business life self made-man

3.2. Friday

3.2.1. Friday is the first native character to be portrayed in the English novel.

4. style

4.1. simple, clear

4.2. matter of fact

4.3. concrete

4.4. diarist

4.5. descriptive

4.5.1. detailed descriptions of primary of food, places

5. literary genre

5.1. realistic novel

5.1.1. travel book

5.1.2. autobiographical diary story based on a true story autobiographical elements

6. story

6.1. Robinson Crusoe was born in York in 1632; when he was 19 years old he left his home to travel around the world, to make his fortune. His first voyage led him to Guinea and then back to England. During his second voyage he was captured by Moorish pirates but managed to escape, he was finally rescued by a Portuguese ship and brought to Brazil where he became the owner of a plantation. During this third journey he was shipwrecked on a desert island where he would remain for 28 years. The novel ended with Robinson's return to England and his discovery that his plantation had made him very rich.

7. themes

7.1. colonialism

7.1.1. master Robinson rescues him, teaches him the word 'master'

7.1.2. servant

7.1.3. primitive empire english coloniser dominates / exploits nature

7.2. christianity

7.2.1. he reads the bible providence salvation of human sins