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hire me. by Mind Map: hire me.

1. Beginning

2. You've inspired those who have sat in a chair to do something about their lives, helped think out of box while keeping a segment of time magical.

3. Who are you

3.1. Columbia picture/ sony picturess

3.1.1. Movies Closure Jumanji Knight's Tale Sleepless in seattle Matilday Baby Driver

3.1.2. Why They have made edgy films Founded in 1918

3.1.3. Their pitch: We believe entertainment can shape how people experience and interact with the world. Leave your mark and build on a legacy.

3.1.4. WHat they look for: Sony Pictures Entertainment (SPE) lights up screens around the world by producing, marketing and distributing a broad range of exceptional entertainment content. We're looking for people who take pride in trying new things and believe that profits come from creativity and out-of-the-box thinking. SPE is an equal opportunity employer. We evaluate qualified applicants without regard to race, color, religion, sex, national origin, disability, veteran status, age, or other protected characteristics. More information for U.S. applicants is available here. Imagine working at a company where people come together to create movies, TV shows and other great entertainment experiences. Imagine seeing that content on TV, in theaters, at home and on the go. Then imagine saying "I was a part of making that happen."

4. MY purpose

4.1. an example: everyones story is like a seed that grpws differently. I want to capture it

4.1.1. portfolio small videos on youtube made videos that were superflous comedic videos remembering the good times real estate videos marketing for comopanies small films mini movies with cousin

4.2. open the minds of closed people

4.2.1. how:

4.2.2. challenge their perspective

4.2.3. taboo related subjects

4.3. help promote love and unity

4.3.1. helping sealife/ ocean

4.3.2. weddings

4.3.3. hippie standpoints the love of travel nature/ being outdoors

4.4. Incorportate ASL friendly movies

5. Who I am

5.1. graduate of fullsail

5.2. where I've been

5.3. three musketeers (I was the videographer)

5.4. Direction

5.4.1. Where I want to be

5.4.2. Telling stories

5.4.3. events and independent films

5.5. who I am right now

5.5.1. mother of two

5.5.2. active lifestyle

6. tools

6.1. Creative Eye

6.1.1. how moved I am with audio can imagine scenes while listening example: car crash in slow mo- how different types of music would change a scene's perspective

6.1.2. When someone is tell me a story visualizing how they speak imagines scenic into details example: wheb friend's father died

6.1.3. Mini projects for family birthdays Funerals

6.2. Skills from growing up

6.2.1. played with old video cams

6.2.2. Skateboarding while camming

6.3. Skills from Fullsail

6.3.1. Courses I took

6.4. Equipment used

7. Middle

8. S.T.A.R Moment

8.1. What type of films they make

8.1.1. Emotionally Moving

8.1.2. leaving a mark

8.1.3. legendary

8.2. Join my purpose with their vision

9. END

10. Overal Pitch:

10.1. Why me?

10.1.1. The beauty is in the eye of the beholder

10.1.2. I want to show the world There is still something magical there There is Good all around us if we seek it They aren't the only ones who feel alone

10.1.3. I will be able to capture, special moments From a different perspective

10.2. Why you?

10.2.1. Their name will help By networking Reach more people Soon to have my own brand name in the future. Be part of something creative and

11. Background/ media support

11.1. Seed in Hand growing

11.1.1. time lapse

11.2. fullsail logo

11.3. Company Logos

11.4. ocean, sea life

11.5. Nature

11.6. Music:

11.6.1. ambient

11.6.2. electric

11.6.3. loungy

11.6.4. progressive

11.6.5. classical?

12. Your name resonates through time by the products you have made.

12.1. Names a ew prominent Films

12.1.1. Closure

12.1.2. Knight's Tale

12.1.3. Jumanji

12.1.4. Captain America

12.1.5. SPiderman

12.1.6. Men in Black

12.2. founded around 1918

13. You have left tears of happiness, Joy and fear that has embedded in the hearts of many.

13.1. Tell a few scenes about the movie Closure

13.1.1. Knights Tale "I'd rather be a girl with a flower than a silly boy with a horse and stick."

13.1.2. Closure "What is this love you talk about? I can't touch it, definitely can't feel it. but I hear it"

13.1.3. Baby Driver music that movies with the action while he's driving

14. Strictly Inspired by the movies I've watched, eclectic movies I've listened to and my natural surroundings, I quickly became more involved with all three things mentioned above.

15. I had the need to preserve memories and make new artistic kinds. It was almost like an addiction.

15.1. Some friends got irritated

15.2. Cousin's skateboarding scripted video

16. Everything I did, I was able to visualize it in my mind. Some cases had the opportunity to showcase them for friends and family.

16.1. Example: Listening to audio and thinking about car accidents slow mode

17. it started when my two best friends and myself started hanging around causing ruckus

17.1. we were called the three musketeers

17.2. Skating videos

17.3. got my first real video camera.

18. Throughout my gradeschool, I excelled in many extra curricular classes.

18.1. Photography

18.2. Art 1

18.3. Journalism

18.4. Videography

19. Life happened and after some time I went back to furthering my education with full sail.

19.1. List Courses

19.2. Add programs used

20. I am like a seed. Absorbing whats around me and producing something as beautiful undertaking what life brings to me.

21. I have worked with Real estate companies and local familes

21.1. For profit and non

22. Out of all the things I have done in my life, I am certain what gives me the upmost content bliss is seeing the aftermath of people's response on my productions.

22.1. Being able to catch their attention

22.1.1. change their attractions

22.1.2. change their mindset

22.1.3. Bring heartfelt moments they revisit.

22.1.4. Most importantly their reaction to something sentimental

23. When a hobby becomes a passion that goes beyond oneself. You get Purpose. With purpose, Everything else seems obsolete.

24. Like myself, I believe that everyone is a seed. Grown into their own path with an end result of something spectacular no matter how it looks.

25. I want to be there to capture the growth, the stories they want to tell.

26. And make this life seem more magical and good.

27. Leaving a mark you have done to me and everyone else, Like a seed when it is rooted to the ground.

28. As well as incorporate more ASL friendly movies for scripts

29. Always wanted to learn ASL and wanted to communicate with those who aren't part of the hearing world.