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2 Representation of British Youth by Mind Map: 2 Representation of British Youth
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2 Representation of British Youth

Older TV text Please Sir! 1968-1972.

Comedy around a young teacher and his troublesome class.

Current Tv, The Inbetweeners

Almost realistic portrayal, relatable to actual people

likeable modern day version of please sir

Aired on E4

Older film text

Billy Liar 1963. shows young man growing up, Billy and Liz show two different sides to youth.

Current film, Harry Brown

Extremely negative, creates monsters, no separate identity per young character, don't get to know young characters that well, creates a collective identity.

Received positive reviews, 'best british film of the year'

Uses old man character, to become vigilante, whose best friend was murdered, instantly audience side with him other youths, not given any chance to get to know them at all, just instant evil characters.

Positive portayals, usually aspirational, Billy Elliot, Bend it like Beckham.

Tend to be sporty based films, not academic or being 'good' so to say.

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Outcast group of loveable characters, not meant to be negative nor positive, has a type of every teen character in the show.

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