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Crime Fiction by Mind Map: Crime Fiction

1. Examples of crime writing

1.1. And Then There Were None; Agatha Christie

1.2. Murder on the Orient Express; Agatha Christie

1.3. The big sleep; Raymond Chandler

1.4. Origin; Dan Brown

1.5. The Maltese Falcon; Dashiell Hammett

1.6. Sherlock Holmes

2. What is Crime Writing?

2.1. Crime fiction is the literary genre that fictionalises crimes, their detection, criminals, and their motives. It can be fiction and non-fiction, depending on the author's preference and whether it is a real story or not.

3. Conventions of crime writing

3.1. Suspense

3.1.1. Crime Fiction has always got to have suspense. If a crime fiction book doesn't have suspense, it won't engage the reader.

3.2. Good Plot

3.2.1. If a Crime Fiction book doesn't have a good plot, no one will be interested in the book.

3.3. A crime

3.3.1. If you want it to be a crime fiction book, you've got to have CRIME!!!