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Crime Fiction by Mind Map: Crime Fiction

1. What is Crime Writing?

1.1. Crime fiction is the literary genre that fictionalises crimes, their detection, criminals, and their motives. It can be fiction and non-fiction, depending on the author's preference and whether it is a real story or not.

2. Conventions of crime writing

2.1. Suspense

2.1.1. Crime Fiction has always got to have suspense. If a crime fiction book doesn't have suspense, it won't engage the reader.

2.2. Good Plot

2.2.1. If a Crime Fiction book doesn't have a good plot, no one will be interested in the book.

2.3. A crime

2.3.1. If you want it to be a crime fiction book, you've got to have CRIME!!!

3. Examples of crime writing

3.1. And Then There Were None; Agatha Christie

3.2. Murder on the Orient Express; Agatha Christie

3.3. The big sleep; Raymond Chandler

3.4. Origin; Dan Brown

3.5. The Maltese Falcon; Dashiell Hammett

3.6. Sherlock Holmes