Living on Purpose

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Living on Purpose by Mind Map: Living on Purpose

1. 1. Skills

1.1. Utilize my skills

1.1.1. Am I stagnating? Not right now. I am a content person so I feel like a habit of mine is to get into a comfort zone and just stay there. However right now I am out of my comfort zone and I am moving towards something.

1.1.2. Am I challenging myself? I like to stay in my confort zone so I tend to need a push and challenge that does not come from myself.

1.1.3. Am I only working for the money? I like to do work that has another purpose besides money.

1.2. Recognize my skills

1.2.1. Do I know what I good at? Yes and no. I tend to care what other peole think. I lack confidence to determine what I am good at.

1.2.2. Do I know what energizes me? Yes. Creativity that inspires gives me engery. If I see a good performance I will feel energy. Dancing and performing energizes me. A really good conversation will engerize me.

1.2.3. Do I know what I perfer doing? Somewhat. I enjoy being part of a group and creating something.

2. 2. Passion

2.1. Find my passion

2.1.1. Do I have self awareness? Yes. I am aware of myself and what on goes around me. I am responsible.

2.1.2. Do I care about something? I care about my family and their happiness. I care about the arts and creativity.

2.1.3. Am I burdened by a sense of duty? No. Right now I do feel it is my duty to get through school but it is not a burden.

2.2. Become Enthusiastic

2.2.1. Am I committed? No. Commitment is something that scares me a little bit.

2.2.2. Is my purpose bigger than me? I don't know exactly what my purpose is. I know I want to make the world a little brighter and happier. So I would say yes.

2.3. Make a difference

2.3.1. Am I making a difference to the world? I think so. In my immediate vicinity I am a good friend and a good person and I think that effects the people I am around.

2.3.2. Is my work meaningful? If the work I do has a postive impact on peoples lives I would say it is meaningful.

3. 3. Principles

3.1. Take some risks

3.1.1. Do I have the courage to be myself? Yes and no. I generally myself but I do care a lot about other peoples opinions and what they think.

3.1.2. Do I believe in myself? Sometimes. Often I feel like I need the approval and encourgement of others.

3.2. Find meaning and purpose

3.2.1. Do I feel a sense of meaning and purpose? I don't know what my purpose is but I know that I want to do something that will add joy to the world.

3.2.2. Do I align with the correct people? Right now I am figuring out what I want to do with my life. I am in college with people who are probably going through the same thing, so yes. I've always thought that if you are the best at something in your group then you are in the wrong group. I feel like should surround my self with people that are better then me and that I strive to be like. Also I like to surround myself with people who are ethical.

3.3. Live your own philisophy

3.3.1. Do I need approval of others? Yes. I defitnitely care about what others think.

3.3.2. Am I living other peoples values? I do care about what others think but I have my own integrity. If something doesn't work for me I won't do it.

3.3.3. Do I have a purpose bigger than me? I want what I do to effect others in a postive way. So yes.

3.3.4. Do I have my own philosphy of life? Yes. Even thought my philosphy is in agreement with others it does not mean it is influence by others. It is real for me.

4. 4. Implementing

4.1. Live life to the fullest

4.1.1. Am I living within my values? Yes. I have a good relationship wih my family. I am a good friend and I am a good person.

4.1.2. Am I using my potenial now? Somewhat. I am in college right now which is a nice leap out of my comfort zone. I feel like I could be doing more.

4.1.3. Am I living with purpose? Yes. I don't know exactly what my purpose it but I am working towards something.

4.1.4. Am I waiting for the lottery? No. I know I have to work for what I want

4.2. Set active goals

4.2.1. Do I have something to strive for? Not quite. I don't have any set long term goals right now. I just have a general idea but I'm not quite sure.

4.2.2. Do my goals inspire me? Yes. I am leaning towards working in a creative field. The idea of adding creativity and something the effects lives for the better does inspire me.

4.2.3. Do I have goals relating to my purpose? Righ now my main goal and to figure out what my purpose is. So yes.


6. JOY